Hiring Minibus For Airport Transfers Is Beneficial – Here’s Why

Planning to jet off overseas for a business meeting or a family vacation? If so, you need to sort out your airport transport arrangements soon to get to the airport easily and on time.

London Luton Airport is the nearest airport to Hertfordshire and is located just 6.3 miles away. However, you can never predict the annoying traffic jams in Hertfordshire and leaving off the airport transport planning till the last minute can cost you hefty.

While some prefer to reach the airport by booking a taxi or catching a public bus or train, most people consider hiring a minibus as the best option. Minibus airport transfers in Hertfordshire can seriously take off the stress and strain of reaching the airport. Check out below why you need to pre-book a minibus for your next airport transfer.

Amazing Advantages Of Hiring Minibus In Hertfordshire For Airport Transfers

#1 Benefit – NO MORE STRESS

Once you book and hire a minibus for your airport transfer, you won’t have to bother and stress much. There will be no worries about driving to the airport yourself through the annoying jam. You won’t have to stress about reaching the airport on time and finding a safe place to park your car.

Hiring a professional minibus with a certified driver will take away all the airport transfer stress from your head. With a minibus taking you to the airport, you just need to sit back and relax while the driver takes you directly to the airport terminal on time.


Another amazing benefit of hiring a minibus for reaching the airport is that your whole group of family or colleagues can travel together. A minibus can cater to up to 16 people at once. So, you can rest assured that your entire group can travel to the airport safely and comfortably in one vehicle.

You won’t get such benefits if you opt to get to the airport through the standard taxis in Hertfordshire. Taxis can accommodate a maximum of 4 people at once and your group will have no option but to travel separately. This can get highly inconvenient, as your entire group will then arrive at the airport at different times.


Choosing a minibus over a taxi means you will have sufficient space for your and your group’s luggage. A minibus has abundant space to store all your trolleys, suitcases, and any other bags.

Every belonging of yours and your group can get conveniently accommodated in a minibus. Best of all – the minibus has the capacity to transport heavy and delicate items such as pushchairs and wheelchairs safely and easily.


In most cases, hiring a minibus in Hertfordshire is more cost-efficient than getting other modes of transport. Taking private taxis to airports can be expensive. This is especially true when you are travelling to the airport with a large group and need to hire more than one taxi.

But don’t think that private car travel will be cheaper too. The cost of parking your car in the Hertfordshire airport’s designated spots can cost you hefty. As such, hiring a minibus is the most cost-efficient option of all as you can easily split the total cost between your group.

Reach The Airport Conveniently And On Time!

Leverage all the above benefits by hiring an affordable and reliable minibus from Minibus Hire Hertfordshire. Our expert and courteous drivers will ensure you reach the airport safely and conveniently without any delays.