A comprehensive guide to hire the best Minibus

Are you planning on getting a minibus for hire for your outstation family trip? Or are you considering a minibus hire for your next corporate day out? Well, hiring a minibus can be the perfect solution for a fun filled and hassle free journey. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. We at Minibus Hire Hertfordshire lay out essential factors to consider before hiring a minibus.

Why Hire a Minibus?

Hiring a minibus comes With lots of advantages that make it the preferred choice for large group travelling.  let explore the benefits of renting a minibus:

Cost Effectiveness

Minibuses offer cost effective transportation solutions, compared to other means. A single minibus can serve as an informal family outing while being a perfect option for a high-ranking business meeting.

Luggage Space

Travellers who carry large luggage will appreciate the generous storage space that miniuses offer. With mini buses, you can pack in the hair dryer that you were contemplating on due to storage issues. Moreover, minibuses usually boast large boot-space. This means that you can forget about the extra luggage that you carry until your destination arrives. Minibuses eliminate the need for additional vehicles to carry your belongings, making the journey hassle-free.


Mini buses are versatile vehicles that deliver optimum comfort for both – intercity and outer city ventures. Along with comfort, they  allow you to travel as a group enabling you to bond with your family and friends, making the journey more memorable and fun.

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Things to look for before Hiring a Minibus

Seating Capacity 

Minibuses come in various sizes that can accommodate from 9 passengers to up to 18 passengers. To ensure everyone’s comfort, consider the size of your group. Obviously extra seating can constitute extra space but see if you are not going above your budget. Additionally, when looking for the comfort of elderly people, inspect if your desired minibus has wheelchair friendly accommodation.

Amenities and Features

Long journeys can be monotonous, especially for kids. Ensure a minibus which is equipped with entertainment features like video players, music systems, and TV screens. These can definitely be of help during long trips. Additionally, check for working USB ports and reading lights. Moreover, you can go a step further and ensure proper cushioning and neck pillows for your travel comfort.

Vehicle Condition

Minibus conditions can affect the ease of your trip. Before finalising your minibus hires, you should visit the agency and personally see through the vehicle. Opt for a clean, tidy and well-maintained minibus to avoid potential breakdowns during your journey.

Driver’s Background

A skilled and friendly driver can significantly enhance the mood of your trip. Furthermore, only consider choosing minibus companies that offer full transparency of their drivers.


Finding the right minibus according to your budget is essential, especially given the wide array of options. Before hopping on to a good deal, weigh your options by asking quotations from multiple companies. Several minibus companies guarantee lower prices than their competition, and use this service to get a better deal.

About Minibus Hire Hertfordshire

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